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Field Trips

for general public



13.07 - 15.07.2023  

Santiago de Compostela


27.07 - 29.07.2023  

Lugo, A Terra Chá and A Mariña



in the care of

Óscar García Pérez


with the participation of

Carlota Eiros, Víctor López Cotelo* and Ángel Panero

*to be confirmed


Two study tours, lasting 3 days, to contextualize two fundamental interventions in the architectural heritage of Galicia - the Fundación Laboral of Santiago de Compostela and the Casas de la Mirandilla of Rinlo - in the context of the Architecture Workshops that will take place in parallel in A Mariña, Lugo, from July 5 to August 6, 2023.


Both trips will be accompanied by the architects of the buildings, Víctor López Cotelo* and Carlota Eiros. Furthermore, the field trips are highlighting the most relevant architectural works of the contexts and places of the respective buildings: Santiago de Compostela and its rural environment, as well as the capital of the Lugo province and its northern area

Field Trips




The objective of the field trips is to experience an approach to a selection of architectural works part of the Galician construction tradition. In turn, the participants will be able to identify the similarities and differences that exist between emblematic buildings of the dispersed rural habitat, such as those that make up the archetype of the Casa Grande da Mariña in Lugo, and those other works that give a better response to the denser urban context from nearby cities such as Santiago de Compostela or Lugo.






13.07 - 15.07.2023                         Filed Trip to Santiago de Compostela


13.07          morning                        Guided tour of the historic center of Santiago de Compostela

                    Afternoon                     Guided visit to the CGAC of Alvaro Siza and to the Bonaval Park

14.07          morning                        Guided visit to the vaquería of Carmen de Abaixo and the Caramoniña housing

                    afternoon                      Victor López Cotelo Lecture (to be confirmed), place still to be confirmed

15.07          morning                         Visit to the Fundación Laboral, Santiago de Compostela


27.07 - 29.07.2023                         Field Trip to Lugo, A Terra Chá and Rinlo


27.07          afternoon                       Guided tour of the historic center and Roman city wall of Lugo

28.07          morning                         Guided tour to the old prison and the Domus do Mitreo

                     afternoon                      Lecture Carlota Eiros, Architects Chamber of Lugo (to be confirmed)

29.07          morning                         Visit to two farmhouses (Casas Grandes) in Meira and Pastoriza

                     Afternoon                      Visit to the Casas de la Mirandilla, Rinlo






250 euros per trip



–    Accommodation

–    Specialized guides, transportation and tickets to buildings

–    Certificate of participation in the Professional Practice Course

–    Travel insurance

–    Invitation to the closing aperitivo/tapas

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