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Itineraries through interventions in vernacular and patrimonial architecture


Two itineraries with guided visits are planned as the starting and end points of the workshop. The first one, from July 11 to 13, runs through Santiago de Compostela and surroundings, and the second one, from July 25 to 27, through A Mariña Lucense, A Terra Chá and Rinlo.


In the first itinerary will visit the most significant works of Victor López Cotelo in the city of Santiago by the hand of his collaborator and partner Ángel Panero, as well as a tour of related local architecture scenarios.


The second itinerary will visit several large houses never catalogued in the Mariña Lucense, some of the Casas Grandes da Terra Chá, catalogued by Carlota Eiros, as well as his rehabilitation of the Casas de la Mirandilla in Rinlo.

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